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Five Reasons to go to Morocco: Two

Morocco’s diverse natural splendour often surprizes even the most seasoned traveller. Travelling through the hauntingly beautiful Sahara Desert dotted with Berbers towns and oases, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the endless plains fringed by die sandy coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean makes for an utterly wonderful BUCKET-LIST JOURNEY.

Five Reasons to go to Morocco: One

Morocco. Just hearing the name evokes vibrant images of an ancient culture, romantic Moorish architecture, delicately spiced North African cuisine and wildly desolate landscapes. Join us on an ICONIC JOURNEY as we unearth the secrets of this mystical land.

Rwanda - Live the Journey's Flagship Journey

Rwanda - Live the Journey's Flagship Journey

Considering all the rare and endangered animals on earth, the spectacular Mountain Gorilla must rank, possibly with the panda, as the ultimate symbol of just how fragile our planet has become.  Once much more common than today, the world’s remaining population, not numbering more than 850 individuals, can be seem mainly in two safe locations; one in Bwindi National Park in Uganda, the other in the Virunga National Park in Rwanda.  It is here that Live the Journey conducts, to my mind, one of its jewel tours.

Iceland – fifty shades of grey

Iceland – fifty shades of grey

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river

20 Fun Facts about Leap Years

1. Leap days are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun. It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. This called a tropical year. Without an extra day on February 29 nearly every four years, we would lose almost six hours every year. After only 100 years, our calendar would be off by approximately 24 days.