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Meet our Gurus

Our Guru’s are the best in the industry.  We work closely with them and make use of their expert knowledge.  Their expertise and vision are essential ingredients that enable us to offer life-enriching travel experiences.

  • Dave Pepler

    Dave Pepler

    Dave Pepler is South Africa’s foremost natural historian.  After a career as scientist and academic, he started KykNet’s pioneering nature program Groen, and set a new standard for nature discovery reportage.  His contributions to the radio programmes “Hoe verklaar jy dit?” and also “Dink Groen” on Tjailatyd currently attracts peak audiences.  Dave never limits his discovery of nature to mere surfaces, but with his knowledge and ability to see things in the broader perspective he forms links to the greater world.  He has been awarded a number of prestigious awards for his dedication to conservation, among them the Stevenson Hamilton Award, the Molteno Medal from the Cape Tercentenary Foundation, the Habitat Council of Southern Africa Award and bursaries from the Harry Crossley Foundation and the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust.  As a working consultant Dave has travelled widely both in Africa and the world and this gives him the insight and experience to share his knowledge in a meaningful manner.  Dave is a popular tour leader and has accompanied Live the Journey groups to Madagascar, Iceland, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Morocco, Jordan and Mongolia.

  • Mike Fabricius

    Mike Fabricius

    Mike Fabricius is an experienced strategist, manager, marketer and entrepreneur who played a leadership role in the successful development of the South African tourism industry and has been consulting at an international level since 2004. After occupying various senior management positions in South Africa's tourism industry he established The Journey, an independent international tourism advisory and consultancy practice. Mike regularly participates as advisor and expert in various assignments for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and The Journey has managed and executed tourism planning projects for a range of clients in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and various provinces and regions of South Africa. Mike regularly presents courses on tourism destination management for tourism professionals worldwide. He is an Editorial Board member of the international Journal of Sustainable Tourism and his profile is included in the Who's Who in Southern Africa.
    Dr Fabricius holds a PhD (Nelson Mandela University) and an MBA (cum laude) (UNISA). In 2002 he was awarded the University of South Africa Council Medal for the best student over 4 years of the Master of Business Leadership. His thesis was entitled "Competitive Strategies for Tourism Destinations" (courtesy of The Journey).