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Explore Zanzibar

This island off the East coast of Tanzania is synonymous with spicy flavours, white palm fringed beaches, water sport, a rich history and ultimate relaxation. It is the ideal destination for a honeymoon, beach break, family holiday or an extension of your safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

Zanzibar is not only teeming with natural beauty beckoning visitors to explore, it also has an interesting history. Freddie Mercury was born in stone Town, Zanzibar and lived there until he was a teenager. In 1974, Zanzibar was the first African country to introduce colour television. Along with tourism and raffia, Zanzibar’s economy also depends on the islands spices, known as ‘The Spice Islands’, due to the abundance of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper grown here. The red colobus monkey is also endemic to the island of Unguja with only 3000 left. 


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