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Explore Lesotho

Lesotho's formidable terrain is surrounded by the sheer walls of the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains. The local and friendly Basotho residents are one of the few mountain peoples in Africa and have developed a rich culture, often in isolated villages. The entire country of Lesotho lies 1000m above sea level, the highest low point of any country in the world, and boasts Thabana-Ntlenyana, at 3482m, the highest peak in Africa south of Kilimanjaro.

The raw beauty of Lesotho attracts hikers, horse riders and believe it or not snow skiers. It is a poor country with a rich culture and natural beauty. There are around 2 million people living in Lesotho with official languages of Sesotho and English. The best time to travel to Lesotho is from August to October when it is dry but not too cold, when you can also enjoy the spring flowers.

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