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1.1.       Subject only to paragraph 4 below Live the Journey shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense of any nature whatsoever suffered by the traveller or his/her accompanying dependents, guests or companions as a result of any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to the loss of or any damage to property or the cancellation or curtailment of any tour, whether as a result of negligence or otherwise or due to force majeure, adverse weather conditions, avalanches, strikes, war, riots, fire, volcanic action, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks, disease, epidemics, pandemics, government interference or other cause.

1.2.       Live the Journey accepts no liability for the death of, injury to, loss and/or damage to, any person and/or property arising out of any act or omission of Live the Journey, whether as a result of negligence or otherwise. The traveller shall be deemed to have waived, renounced and abandoned any and all rights and entitlements to which he or she may be entitled under the provisions of the law of the Republic of South Africa or any other country for any loss or damage to person and/or property.

1.3.       Travellers shall be solely responsible for complying with the formalities required by police, customs, immigration, health and all other authorities at the point of entry or arrival, departure and whilst in transit, in each and every country visited. Whilst Live the Journey will endeavour to provide the traveller, prior to departure, with the latest information concerning such regulations and restrictions, it shall not be responsible and does not accept any liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies or omissions in this regard.

1.4.       All travel arrangements, such as flight bookings, hotel and accommodation reservations, motor transport bookings and the like made by Live the Journey on behalf of the traveller or his/her accompanying dependents, guests or companions are subject to the booking conditions and cancellation provisions of the relevant supplier thereof. The traveller or his/her accompanying dependents, guests or companions is therefore also subject to these booking conditions.

1.5.       Live the Journey reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to alter or substitute routes, refreshments, meals, accommodation, itineraries, tours, services, vehicles and/or arrangements should conditions necessitate this. In such instances, substitutes of equal value will be offered wherever possible.

1.6.       Live the Journey reserves the right to cancel advertised tours due to insufficient group numbers. In the event of a tour being cancelled by Live the Journey for this reason, a full refund on money already paid to Live the Journey by tour members, for the specific tour being cancelled, will be made to the traveller.


Kindly note that to enable us to make your Live the Journey trip an unforgettable experience we have to make numerous upfront arrangements and incur costs at our risk to make it possible. To reduce our risk as well as the risk of the tour taking place and subject to paragraph 1 above the following payment terms apply:

2.1       No reservation is secure without payment of the required deposit.

2.2       Reservations made 120 calendar days or more prior to departure require a 30%

           deposit of the total value of the booking.

2.3       Reservations made from 119 calendar days to 60 calendar days prior to departure require a 50% deposit of the total value of the booking and all 30% deposits already paid before that period require a 20% top-up to make it 50%.

2.4       Reservations made from 59 calendar days to 46 calendar days prior to departure require a 100% deposit of the total value of the booking and all deposits already paid before that period require a top-up to make it 100%.

2.5       All reservations must be fully paid (100%) by the latest 46 calendar days prior to departure.

2.6       The above provisions exclude air travel which requires 100% payment upon booking.

2.7       Deposits and payments are not transferable.

2.8       For tours that include services of suppliers with more stringent policies, different payment terms may apply. In such case, your consultant will advise the balance payment terms at the time of booking.

2.9       All prices are quoted net of any financial transaction charges.

2.10     Bank charges are the sole responsibility of the traveller.

2.11     In all instances, payment shall be made in the currency in which the invoice is made out.

2.12     Failure to comply with these terms will result in the cancellation of the booking in the sole discretion of Live the Journey.


Account name

Live the Journey Holdings Pty Ltd




Tygerberg Winelands, 198765

Account number

120 791 1461




4.1       Any cancellation of a confirmed booking must be received in writing.

4.2       Cancellation will be deemed to occur at the date on which the cancellation is received.

4.3       Except as provided in the next paragraph no repayment of any deposit will be payable in the event of a cancellation.

4.4       The only repayment in the event of a cancellation, regardless of the reason therefore, shall occur in the event of the cancellation occurring on or before: 120 days prior to departure when 30% deposit is repaid, and 119 to 60 calendar days before departure and 50% of the total tour value had already been paid in which event 30% of the total tour value shall be repaid.

4.5       All airfare reservations are arranged subject to the conditions imposed by the respective airline. The traveller is therefore subject to the conditions imposed by the airline with regard to any changes to the original booking, regardless of the reason.

4.6       Should the traveller for any reason fail to take up his/her booking or to undertake a tour, join it after departure or leave prior to its completion, no refund will be made and no credit will be granted.

4.7       Adjusted quotation prices as contemplated in paragraph 4.8 below shall not under any circumstances serve as a ground for cancellation of a tour.

4.8       In the event of the publication in any country of new legislation or any measure having the force of law makes the trip impossible or is likely, in the sole discretion of Live the Journey, to have a seriously negative impact upon the trip’s viability or executability, and the event was not insurable, the following rules shall apply:

4.8.1    Live the Journey shall immediately communicate with the traveller and give him/her the opportunity to move the trip to a newly arranged date. If accepted by the traveller all payments received will be transferred to the credit of the newly arranged       trip. In the event of an increase in price beyond Live the Journey’s control between the two trips the difference will be for the client’s account.

4.8.2    In the event of another newly arranged trip on another date not being available or acceptable to the traveller the traveller will have the opportunity to exchange the payments received for a voucher that will be valid as a payment towards another trip within a 12 months period to the destination country in which the original trip was booked. Any increase in costs will be for the traveller’s account.


5.1         Rates for children are available on request.

5.2         Children 12 years and older are considered adults and required to pay the applicable tariff, unless specifically otherwise arranged with Live the Journey.



6.1         Contact the office of Live the Journey by e-mail, fax, or phone.

6.2         Any Notice of Booking or its confirmation, amendment or cancellation must be received in writing.

6.3         All reservations are subject to Live the Journey’s terms and conditions, including its cancellation policy.

6.4         Quotations are valid only for the dates and/or periods specified and are subject to adjustment if the services quoted for are not available at the time of actual booking. Any changes to the quotation requested by the traveller and which may lead to additional costs will be charged accordingly.

6.5         Quoted prices are subject to adjustment in the event of fluctuating costs that may change and that relate to, but are not limited to government-imposed taxes, fuel prices, air fares, accommodation tariffs, tourism levies, concession fees, permits and/or the introduction of national, regional, or local taxes or levies of any nature.


7.1         It is a condition of booking that all travellers, including any accompanying dependents, guests or companions, are covered by fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the duration of their trip.  This is the sole obligation and responsibility of the traveller and not of Live the Journey.  Please see paragraphs 1 and 4 for further details.  Live the Journey shall at all times proceed on the basis that proper insurance as required is in place.

7.2         Insurance shall be comprehensive and should take account of the fact that some of the tours e.g. desert or ice self-drive trips may be regarded as non-recreational, adventurous, or even dangerous by insurance companies which should be fully disclosed.

7.3         Where applicable cover must include events as foreseen in 7.2 as well as loss or wasted costs resulting from cancellation and/or curtailment or abandoning a tour for any reason, including such as mechanical breakdown, emergency evacuation expenses, injuries giving rise to medical expenses, repatriation expenses and damage suffered as a result of theft, loss of personal baggage, money and goods, etc.

7.4         It is the responsibility of all travellers to purchase such travel insurance within 24 hours from making any payment towards a trip unless otherwise arranged with the insurance company.

7.5         Live the Journey will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any costs or losses incurred or suffered by the traveller or the traveller’s dependents, guests or companions, with regard to any damage or loss and the failure to purchase insurance or sufficient insurance will be at the risk of and for the account of the traveller.



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The payment of a deposit or any other payment in respect of a reservation with Live the Journey constitutes consent by all travellers covered by that payment to all the terms, conditions and provisions stipulated by Live the Journey.