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Explore Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast land of contrasts ranging from enriching cultures, diverse landscapes and teeming species of wildlife to historical sites and relaxing towns. Experience the wide-open plains of Africa in the Serengeti and discover the eco-system of this African Eden. Marvel at the annual migration of more than one million wildebeest and zebra as they stream across the Serengeti plains - an unbelievable sight.

Tanzania is a country that can offer a lot - from climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro to exploring the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest crater. Witness the world’s only tree climbing lions that live in the Lake Manyara National Park. Here time is counted very differently. The work day starts at 6am which is called the 1st hour of the day. When asked to meet someone in the 10th hour, it is actually at 4pm.


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