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Explore Madagascar

Due to Madagascar's isolation many of the country's stories are not documented. This fourth biggest island of the world is the "Galapagos of the African Continent" – it holds a rich mixture of 18 cultures, an astounding variety of landscapes and amazing fauna and flora.

It is one of the best water sport destinations with untouched beaches, blue sparkling water, colourful coral reefs and small-personalised resorts. If you want to enjoy the beach and sun or rather want to fish, dive, surf or sail, Madagascar is the place to visit. The fauna on the island differs from that of Africa: the world's biggest butterfly is found on the island, frogs with striking colours, two-thirds of known chameleon species, tortoises and a variety of bird species. You are bound to bump into a lemur with various species scattered across the island in numerous nature parks. They are remarkable and differ in colour and size.

Madagascar has many more treasures and is an affordable destination. Explore the island in the sun!


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