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Explore Namibia

At approximately 824 000km², Namibia is a huge country – even by African standards. But it's not only the country's endless space that makes it special. Namibia is filled with rugged, beautiful landscapes of every kind, creating a wonderful environment with a number of wildlife species. Whether you are a nature lover, adventurer or solace seeker – this country will have something to offer you. Be sure to be inspired and amazed with every visit. 

Namibia is a desert country with one of the wildest coastlines where desert meets ocean. The country is rich in diamonds, wilderness and wildlife. Namibia is sparsely populated with only 2 million people making it a very special and personal experience whilst there. The best time to visit Namibia is in the cooler months of May – October.

Special Journeys in Namibia

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    The Namib100 Hike

    Join Live the Journey on a fully catered, fully supported, 5-day slackpacking hike into the oldest desert on earth - the Namib. On this exclusive 100-kilometre hike you will traverse an area that answers to names like Forbidden Land, Sperrgebiet and Skeleton Coast, where numerous shipwrecks stand witness to the power of nature over man.