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Explore Scandinavia

Scandinavia includes the countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, referring to the region of the Scandinavian peninsula, the Danish Isles, and the Jutland peninsula.

Contrary to popular belief, Finland, Greenland and Iceland are not technically part of Scandinavia. However, formerly, Finland was part of Sweden, and Iceland had belonged to Denmark and Norway, leading to a long-standing disagreement as to whether Finland and Iceland should be considered Scandinavian countries or not. To fix the divide, the French stepped in to diplomatically smooth out the terminology by dubbing all of the countries, "Nordic countries."

Beyond the wilderness, deep fjords, glaciers and islands that dot the Scandinavian coastline, there are chic cities and distinctly different cultures that will make your visit to Norway, Sweden and Denmark a fascinating journey of discovery. Besides epic landscapes, Scandinavia boast some iconic natural phenomena including the Northern Lights and Polar Nights in winter, and the perpetual Midnight Sun in summer.


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