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Explore Iceland

Iceland is an amazing and surprising destination with a good infrastructure and friendly locals. The beauty and variety of the landscape makes for unforgettable scenes.

Life underneath the surface of the earth, however, is the thing that will mesmerize you the most. Imagine, water of 100 degrees ejecting 40 meters into the air every 10 minutes, steam bubbling out of the earth, a drive through a 32 km crater … the world’s longest, standing on the edge of the volcano responsible for the ash cloud over Europe in 2010 and driving on a glacier with an 800 m thick ice layer beneath you. It is impossible to leave Iceland untouched.

Special Journeys in Iceland

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    Iconic Iceland and The Northern Lights

    Discover Iceland’s icons on this 09-day winter tour from 26 January to 03 February 2020. From powerful hot springs and geysers to fjords, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, black lava beaches and of course the aurora borealis or Northern Lights!