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Meet the Team

The team at Live the Journey are all experts in their field and bring travel experience from across the world.  Our logistical field teams and guides are without a doubt the best in the industry and are living their journey every day by making sure that our clients get the best possible experience.  Our team of travel consultants and administrative support staff aspire to be master craftsmen of our trade.  We organize with unforgettable journeys in mind.

Meet our team:

  • Adriaan de Lange - Director

    Adriaan de Lange - Director

    I filled various executive positions such as Finance Director, Supply Chain and Procurement Director, Managing Director and eventually CEO of the JSE-listed Omnia Group of companies, in the chemicals sector.  I also served on various industry committees with two terms as the Chairman of the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa (FERTASA). Ten years ago, I became a client of Live the Journey during a life-changing family trip through the dunes in Namibia.  Since then I have planned various other successful trips with Live the Journey and a great respect and loyalty developed for the brand and business model of the company. After 20 years in the corporate world, I decided that it was time to make a change.  This meant exiting the corporate world and city-life to explore how my knowledge and experience of the corporate world can be applied in a different environment.  I wanted to combine my knowledge and experience with my passion for explorative and adventure travel.  This eventually led me to become a director and part-owner of Live the Journey. 

  • Jurgens Schoeman –  Managing Director

    Jurgens Schoeman –  Managing Director

    Travel is all about inquisitiveness.  There is nothing more exhilarating than discovering a new destination or just driving a route for the first time going from one horizon to the next.  My travels have been filled with amazing things.  I am hooked on natural wonders … seeing the red glow of a volcano at night excites me and the vastness of a desert makes me humble.  Often routes follow the path of destruction left by wars or that of awesome historical achievements.  I love exploring and visiting places to learn and broaden my view of life, but with a desire to share these experiences with people.  Helping them to create life enriching travel memories.  Travel always changes people and I would like to think I made a small contribution towards that in other peoples lives.  Our life is one journey and we must live this journey by filling it with travel memories.

  • Elsabeth Muller - Consultant

    Elsabeth Muller - Consultant

    S A Tourism was my stepping stone into tourism 25 years ago!  I gained invaluable experience being responsible for and accompanying international journalists, TV crews and tour operators.   Travel is a way of life for me and I have been blessed to have travelled to amazing places. My expertise lies in getting into the "shoes" of each destination that crosses my path getting to know it inside out.  I have an inquisitive nature, a good general knowledge and I am always aspiring to broaden my horizons. Designing a new programme to a unique destination is a thrilling process and the fuel that gets my adrenalin pumping.  Tell me where you would like to travel and I will make it happen. I love to arrange amazing trips for my clients.

  • Jeanette Nieuwoudt - Consultant

    Jeanette Nieuwoudt - Consultant

    After school, I didn’t know what to study and settled on Tourism as this seemed like a general enough field. In my mind, I could always study for another degree afterwards. Instead, I went on to finish my Honour’s degree in Tourism and have been working in the industry for 9 years. My passion for travel took me overseas for a year and my passion for people and discovering the world, kept me in the industry on my return. It is such a privilege to be part of realizing people’s travel dreams. One of my favourite quotes is from Lao Tzu, “The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”

  • Stella Neethling - Consultant

    Stella Neethling - Consultant

    A guest once said that the greatest gift is that of experience. I couldn’t agree more. Nothing is more rewarding to me than knowing that I have played a part in making someone’s travel dream a reality, ensuring that they will have incredible memories of that experience to last a lifetime. This knowledge, together with my love for travel, has been the driving force behind my 20-year career in the travel industry. I am grateful to have worked for some of South Africa’s top hospitality groups and tour operators, gaining invaluable experience and travelling the globe. At Live the Journey I am surrounded by a team of like-minded specialists. People who are passionate about the adventure and experience of travel, sharing the unique cultures, captivating history and iconic wonders of this fascinating world.

  • Alida Venter - Consultant

    Alida Venter - Consultant

    I can’t imagine living life without travelling, to see, to explore and to learn. To travel opens your mind, it heals your soul and it makes you dream. As a 18-year-old matriculant, unsure as to who she is and what she wants to do, the Travel industry became my ‘student job’, something I thought I will do for a year or two until I decide what field I will pursue. Little did I know that once travel is in your blood, you are hooked. I am privileged to have travelled to numerous destinations across the globe as well as within my country. My travel bucket list is forever expanding, as there is still a lot more of the world I want to see. With more than 26 years in the travel industry, I can’t see myself in any other field. This is what I love and I have a great passion for people and nature. To be able to assist clients in making their dream tours a reality, this is wat I live for.  Seeing how people are enriched through travel by being exposed to new places and cultures is inspiring, and I quote: “Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

  • Yolandi Daneel - Consultant

    Yolandi Daneel - Consultant

    Travel has been a part of my life for 23 years and rarely has there been a dull moment. I love building the ‘puzzle’ (as I call it) of a client’s experience, putting all the pieces in place to form a beautiful final picture. How I settled on studying tourism after school I cannot remember, but I have not been disappointed that I did. Learning about new destinations and the people I have met throughout my journey has been a joy. Through the years I have been lucky to travel to many beautiful countries and my hope is to continue to do so, but my heart is in Southern Africa and showing its beauty and people to the rest of the world fills me with pride. Having been away from leisure for the last eight years and running the corporate travel rat race, returning to where I started feels just right.