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Live the journey you always wanted to live

It is true that life is a journey, but how awesome is your journey going to be? How many times have you thought “oh, I wish I was there” while looking at a picture or a movie of one of those incredible bucket list destinations? The splendour of the Namib. The drama and contrast of active volcanoes - the fire and ice in Iceland. Wild Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda. Watching lemurs in Madagascar. Ethiopia. Angola… Well, if you can wish it, you can do it.

Live the Journey will help to make those wishes come true. To turn the photograph into a real destination. With us, you will experience life enriching travel that will let you enjoy your journey to the fullest. We are passionate about travel; about unique destinations and about creating lifelong memories...

Our yearly newspaper is out; read about what we have been up to, what we have planned for this coming year and how your life will be enriched in 2016!

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