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What our guests say

What our guests say

We are grateful for all feedback received from our guests. Here is a selection from recently completed tours.

The tour we had from Lüderitz to Walvis Bay was one of the best experiences my husband and I ever had. I have never camped in my life before and went with an open mind. Well, to say I was blown away by the journey is an understatement. The Namib Desert took my breath away. Our guide Len explained the ecosystem and history in such detail. He was outstanding. From driving to handling challenging situations (and guests) and cooking. He made me feel safe and brave. And can Len recover a vehicle almost without breaking a sweat! Luciano and Miles did all the hard work. They were neat and clean and tidy. They presented the meals stunningly. I will definitely buy their Live the Journey Uri camping cookbook. Luciano's coleslaw recipe is a must. I must also complement Miles on always having a hot shower ready when I needed one (everyday). These boys were super hosts! What a pleasure. My husband and I travelled alone and met the most amazing people on this trip. I feel richer and blessed by getting to know the characters that crossed our path in such a small timespan. We had a blast! Thank you Live the Journey for creating the opportunity so that we can experience one of the most precious places that God created on this earth. We are definitely planning to see you in the future.
- Melissa and Anton Knoetze, Lüderitz to Walvis Bay, September 2018

The more I have to tell people about our trip, the more I feel that we have only been there in a flash of a moment. Suddenly things here are overrated and too much. We had more enjoyment with the basics there than with the luxuries here. I felt more connected to all of you there than I now feel towards some of my lifelong friends here. This trip is forever burnt in my memories and one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. Thank you to all of you who has been part of this amazing journey.
- Leatitia De Lange, Mongolia 4x4 Guided Self-drive Adventure, August 2018

Len, Luciano and Johnny were extremely professional, yet humble, friendly, and SO MUCH FUN. We enjoyed every moment with them. Len's calmness diffused many a stressful situation and the team's sense of humour made what could have been an enjoyable tour, an unforgettable one. They are on top of their game with regards to knowledge of the area and the different vehicles on tour, and their teamwork is outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they handled each guest (youngest 7 years, oldest 79 years) with the utmost respect, ease and care. Look after those three guys - they are worth their weight in gold!!!!
- Guest Feedback, Faces of the Namib, August 2018

Absolutely enjoyed every moment of the tour!! We had a good group with us and André and team did an exceptionally well job (I would request that he be my tour leader for any upcoming events), the food was great and especially my Elephant poop Birthday Cake (wasn’t hungry at the time so didn’t have slice ) Thank you for your assistance with everything, Jeanette, you have been fantastic!!
- Ryan Otto, Kunene River Mouth, July 2018