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Live the Journey's Bucket List: Nature's Wonders

There are so many wonderful things in the world to experience and be a part of. You may have a bucket list of specific experiences that you want to do. We would like to share Live the Journey's bucket lists with you ... yes, we have more than one. Let us add to your list and help you tick them off one-by-one.

Live the Journey's Natural Wonders bucket list:
1. Sit surrounded by a gorilla family in the forests of Uganda or Rwanda.
2. Experience the masses of game and wildebeest during the migration in Tanzania and Kenya
3. Follow the trail of the last wilderness lions and elephants in the Kaokoland of Namibia.
4. Witness the evolution of nature in Madagascar ... plants, insects, reptiles and the environment.
5. Observe a herd of gelada baboons high in the  Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.