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Travel News Alerts - 13 May 2014

Manston Airport in Kent will close down later this week. The loss-making airport will close on Thursday, May 15, after a US firm's offer to buy the site was rejected last Monday and another bid fell through in April.

Smog alert issued: A heat wave is creating unhealthy smog levels in San Francisco’s Bay Area this week, with a second consecutive alert called for today. The poor air quality could linger through tomorrow and Thursday. For health reasons, officials advise those in the area to limit strenuous outdoor activities to early morning hours when smog levels are lower. Smog concentrations typically peak at around 17h00 in the Bay Area.

Malawi will hold a general election May 20. Nationwide campaigning and political rallies drawing large crowds are expected. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises people to avoid large gatherings and to remain vigilant at all times. Travellers should monitor local media and take extra care on election day, and during the period after the results are announced.

Belgium - Visa changes: The Embassy of Belgium in Cape Town has increased the cost of its short-stay and long-stay visas. For more info, contact one of our travel consultants.