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Orange River to Zambezi River


Orange River to the Zambezi River – from the most southwestern corner of Namibia to the most North-eastern outpost.

If you have been to Namibia before, you would be familiar with the mix of emotions that overwhelm you when crossing the Orange River … freedom and unlocking the shackles of daily life. It is time to breathe again. Kilometre upon kilometre of open road allows you to switch gears from stress to relaxation. Though Namibia is vast, travellers tend to drive the same routes time-and-time again. On this trip we plan to explore the lesser-known routes to some of the hidden gems not frequented by most visitors to The Land of the Brave. The first rendezvous point is Oranjemund, right in the most southwestern corner of the country. Our route will first bisect the country from west to east before turning north following the border between Namibia and Botswana all the way to the Khaudum. The journey will take us through the remote Khaudum Reserve and into the Caprivi to end on the banks of the Zambezi. This is going to be an epic journey.

This is going to be an epic guided 4x4 self-drive adventure. Join us from 09 to 22 May 2025.



Travel in your own time to Op My Stoep Lodge, which is in Oranjemund just across the Orange River from Alexander Bay.

Oranjemund is a spectacular border crossing … driving across the Orange River on a single carriageway. The Ernest Oppenheimer Bridge is the longest single lane bridge in southern Africa, connecting South Africa and Namibia.

Oranjemund is the most southwestern beacon of civilization in Namibia. This is where our expedition starts. Arrive in own time and settle in. Dinner tonight will be the first of many “lekker kuiers” around the dinner table.

Op My Stoep Guesthouse
Is situated in the Namib Desert – the oldest desert in the world – in the extreme southwest of Namibia, is also bordered by the Orange River and Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the river, thus its German name Oranjemund, meaning “Mouth of the Orange”. Oranjemund was established in 1936, following Hans Merensky's discovery of significant alluvial diamond deposits on the north bank of the Orange River and the adjacent northern coastline. Oranjemund has a mild desert climate with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, therefore making it an attraction location for year-round visits. The original building was built in 1971, but was used as the Horse-Riding Club, where all horse enthusiasts would come together to share their passion and love for the elegant four-legged animal. In 2006 the OP MY STOEP lodge was built on the old gymkhana and show jumping grounds, with the restaurant and bar having been started earlier.

Guests can check in from 14h00.

18h00 - Group members will meet our tour leader in the main dining area of the lodge.

19h00 - We kick off the tour with a delicious à la carte Dinner for the client’s own account.

O/N Op my Stoep (Oranjemund)
NO Camping options
- Standard Double/Twin Room
- Bed and Breakfast basis


07h00 –09h00 Enjoy breakfast at your Guesthouse and check-out.

Depart in convoy from Op my Stoep driving through Jurassic Park landscape with glimpses of the Orange River to reach Rosh Pinah. This is your last fuel stop south of the lodge. By following back roads, we reach the western rim of the Fish River Canyon.

Do not take the C12 to the Fish River Canyon as you will end up on the eastern side of the canyon and there are no roads across to Fish River Lodge. From Rosh Pinah in the south: Turn onto the D463 from the C13. Look out for the Canyon Nature Park and Fish River Lodge signs to the right.
The access road to the lodge just off the D463 is a stretch of 20 km. Vehicles with high clearance or 4x4s are suited best, but sedan vehicles will make it if driven slowly. After 5 km on this road, you will pass two farmhouses. Follow the small signs to the lodge for another 14 km.
Check-in at the lodge and then enjoy the vistas of the canyon. You can explore the canyon and surrounds by foot and stand in awe of this 500-million-year-old geological wonder.
Fish River Lodge
Is the only lodge directly on the rim of the canyon, with 70 km of river frontage and access down to the Fish River by vehicle. The lodge and all the chalets are between 5 m and 8 m from the edge.

19h00 - Dinner will be enjoyed at the lodge.

O/N Fish River Lodge (Fish River Canyon)
NO Camping options
- Standard Double/Twin Room
- Dinner, Bed & Breakfast basis


07h00-09h00 – The whole group will enjoy breakfast at the lodge. After breakfast and check-out, we drive to Keetmanshoop where there will be time to refuel. Keetmanshoop is seen as the capital of southern Namibia and is the centre of Karakul sheep farming.

From Keetmanshoop we proceed to Koës on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. You will gradually start to notice the red Kalahari sand. Our destination for the day is the Kalahari Game Lodge on the banks of the Auob River, which is dry for most part of the year. Here the landscape comprises typical Kalahari red dunes and some patches of grass. The area of the lodge was previously used for sheep and cattle farming now rehabilitated to restore it to its natural state where wildlife can roam.

Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge has eight luxury chalets with beautiful views of the surrounding area. For the more adventurous there are six secluded campsites situated, spaciously apart, along the dry Auob riverbed. Self-catering campsite has no electricity with private ablution facilities lighted by Solar energy and water-heating system with wood-fired donkey boiler.

Enjoy Dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Kalahari Game Lodge (Close to Mata Mata border post)
- Standard Double/Twin Room OR Campsite
- Dinner & Breakfast basis (meals is included for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your lodge.

We hit the road after breakfast.

Our destination for the day is Gobabis. From the lodge we follow the picturesque twee-spoor D1022 to Aranos, which is a town in the Hardap Region mostly surrounded by farms. The town was proclaimed a village in 1958 and received town status in 2010. We will have an opportunity to refuel in Aranos

From Aranos it is about 240 km, still heading north, to reach Gobabis the heart of Namibia’s cattle country. The town is the supply centre for nearly 500 farms in the area. Gobabis will also be our main supply stop. In the days to follow we will really leave civilization behind and for this reason it will be good to stock-up or refill supplies while in a large town. Our journey will take us through the Khaudum Game Park a true wilderness area where you need to be self-sufficient as far as camping gear, fuel, water, and meals are concerned.

Sandune Game Lodge
Set on 9 000 hectares in the Kalahari Forest near Gobabis and about 160 km from the Windhoek International Airport, Sandune provides the absolute best in luxury accommodation. With more than 1 000 game animals and over 20 different species, the lodge offers onsite and local activities, complimented by world-class cuisine and exceptional hospitality. Sandune allows our guests to live out their very own Safari dream in a luxury lodge. In the heart of Namibia’s cattle farming area, Sandune offers 12 spacious rooms and 4 cottages with daily cleaning services and various outdoor activities, such as hiking, game drives and horseback riding. Luxurious comforts await our guests at the lodge, with each of its rooms and cottages as cosy and as comfortable as you can imagine.

Arrive in Gobabis late afternoon and check-in at your accommodation.

Enjoy dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Sandune Game Lodge (Gobabis area)
- Double/Twin Rooms OR Campsite
- Dinner and Breakfast basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your lodge before your check out and depart.
Guests needs to stock up for Lunches that they will need to prepare themselves when camping in Khaudum.

Few tourists have driven the routes that we will follow today. We will drive in the vicinity where the body of Jan Joubert was found in 2006. He was well-known in Namibia as conservationist, cartographer and known as Mr 4x4.

Continuing further northwards, we enter Namibia’s Bushmanland, a sparsely populated area. We will drive past and through pans and stony plains, some dunes and even woodland. Our destination for the day is Tsumkwe, a small town with about 500 inhabitants. About 2 400 San live in the area.

Tuscin Tsumkwe Lodge
Tsumkwe, situated in the northern Kalahari in the Nyae Nyae conservancy, is an ideal adventurous starting point to reach the Zambezi (Caprivi) Region via Khaudom National Park as well as Botswana via the Dobe border post to experience the famous Okavango-Delta. Visitors with a car can also easily reach the lodge via Grootfontein. Visitors to TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge will not only be able to experience the ancient and unique culture of the Ju/’hoansi, but will also be contributing to the improved livelihoods of the local San community. Self-catering campsite has electrical point, waterpoint, BBQ pit, communal ablution.

Enjoy dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Tuscin Tsumkwe Lodge (Naye-Naye Concession area)
- Double/Twin Rooms OR Campsite
- Dinner and Breakfast basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at the lodge.
After all the hard driving the last couple of days we will have a more relaxing day. We will drive to the Dorsland Trekker Tree … a huge baobab. It keeps growing, despite having fallen. From afar it looks like more than one tree. In 1883 the Dorsland trekkers camped at the tree and carved the year into the trunk. In 1891 a detachment of German troops passed the tree and carved "1891" and the name of three people in the group "H. Gathemann", "E. Heller" and "D. Hannemann" into the tree.

The Dorsland Trek started in 1879 in the old western Transvaal. Trekkers were in search of independence and started various small treks that became collectively known as the Dorsland Trek, (“Thirstland Trek”). It followed a route through Botswana, Namibia to Angola. Several families settled at Humpata in Angola and other turned south again.

Enjoy dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Tuscin Tsumkwe Lodge (Naye-Naye Concession area)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge.

Today we are really leaving civilization behind. For the next couple of days, you will need to be self- sufficient as far as meals (LTJ will supply dinners), water, fuel, camping gear, etc. are concerned … we are heading for the Khaudum, one of the last wilderness areas in Namibia.

*Please note that the South Gate of Khaudum Park will be open at 06H00 - 18H00. Sikeretti Campsite (MET) is closed. To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the South (Sikereti Camp) Tsumkwe. Drive North on the D3315 and the D3303 to Sikereti. From Tsumkwe to Sikereti is approximately 50km.

The following information about the Khaudum was copied from the website of the Dept of Environment, Forestry and Tourism:

Khaudum Camp, Khaudum National Park
Wilderness is indeed the Khaudum’s comparative advantage. The Park, situated in north-eastern Namibia bordering Botswana, has less than 3 000 visitors annually and there are few tracks through the deep Kalahari sand. More elephants than people are seen around the park. It is a refuge for African Wild dog and Roan antelope, Lion, Cheetah and Leopard are also found here. The Park is unfenced except along the Botswana border, so game is able to move freely between neighbouring conservancies and small-scale farms. Hence, Park staff co-operate with the conservancies in the joint management of the wildlife.

Self-catering campsite has no electricity, beautiful camp sites with 1 x ablution (toilet & shower) per campsite.

Our Live the Journey team will be preparing dinner for the group tonight.

O/N Khaudum Camp
NO lodge option. Lodge guests MUST camp for these two nights.
- Large Campsites to share
- Breakfast and Dinner arranged by Live the Journey Staff


This morning will be at leisure, our Live the Journey team will be preparing breakfast for the group.

Day at leisure for game viewing in the park.

Our Live the Journey team will be preparing dinner for the group tonight.

O/N Khaudum Camp


This morning our Live the Journey team will be preparing breakfast for the group before we start to pack up.
Break-up camp and continue north to join the B8 … then drive towards the Caprivi. The Caprivi is like a stretched-out arm with a hand that was attached to Namibia. How did this happen? The Caprivi was named after Leo von Caprivi a German Chancellor, who negotiated the land with the United Kingdom in 1890 in exchange for Zanzibar. The Germans wanted the area to have access to the Zambezi River.

The “arm” of the Caprivi consists of the Bwabwata National Park. In 2007 the Caprivi Game Reserve and Mahango Game Reserve became collectively the Bwabwata National Park.

Our destination for the day is Shametu Lodge where you will experience the tranquillity of the Kavango River on your doorstep. The Kavango River is Africa’s fourth-longest river system. It starts in Angola where it is known as Rio Cubango and flows 1 600 km south into the Okavango Delta in Botswana. At Popa Falls the river drops 4 meters in a series of rapids.

Drive approximately 200km on the B8 until you reach Divundu. Turn right on the C48. Continue for approximately 7km until you see the sign to turn off to Shametu River Lodge. Turn left and continue for approximately 1km until you reach our entrance.

Shametu River Lodge
Shametu River Lodge enjoys luxurious solitude on the edge of the Okavango river with a magnificent view of the unique Popa Falls. The lodge is halfway between the major gems of Southern Africa, the Okavango Delta and the Victoria Falls, making it an ideal stopover to unwind during your journey.

Self-catering campsites have Electricity and grass, own kitchenette and ablution (shower and toilet and hand basin), however not close to the river and do not have a river view.

Check in on arrival.

15h45 Guests should be at the lodge reception to join the afternoon sunset cruise no later than 15h45.

16h15 Boat cruises starts at 16h15. (non-private as other guests can join if booked and depending on the final numbers more than one boat may be used so the group might be split.)

Enjoy dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Shametu River Lodge (Divundu area)
- Chalets/Tents OR Campsite
- Dinner and Breakfast Basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge.

Relaxation is on the menu today. Today is at leisure and you can enjoy the optional activities at the lodge or depart on a self-drive game drive in the Mahango Game Reserve (Bwabwata National Park).

The Park is small and cover an area of 245 km². The C48 bisects the park with bushland on the west and the “waterfront” road to the east. You can expect to see herds of elephant and buffalo as well as rare species like roan and sable antelope, common reedbuck, bushbuck, waterbuck and tssessebe. There are also giraffes, zebras, impalas, and kudus in the park. The main predators are lion, leopard, and hyena. The large floodplains, reed islands and wetland areas make the Mahango Park a bird’s paradise.

Optional activities:
Guests can prebook with the lodge or arrange with reception, for your own account.

* Explore the Kavango River on a mokoro or boat trip to Popa Falls.
* Fishing from a fishing boat on the Kavango River. The species range from Tiger Fish, Tilapia and Catfish depending on the time of year.

Enjoy dinner at your Lodge.

O/N Shametu River Lodge (Divundu area)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge.
It is check-out time after breakfast, with our journey taking us deeper into the Caprivi. We will follow the Trans Caprivi Highway, also known as the Golden Highway.

Today we will drive to Katima Mulilo. There will be an opportunity to refuel and then we will head to the Zambezi. This will be an 320km, estimated 3-4 hours drive through to Katima Mulilo.
Forty kilometers east of Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Mubala Camp is tucked away under a canopy of green and this is where our tour will conclude on the banks of the Zambezi River.

Enjoy the afternoon at leisure.

Zambezi Mubala Camp
Formerly known as Island View, this camp provides the creature comforts for the city-slickers without taking away from the outdoors experience. Safari camping on the banks of the Zambezi River takes camping to an entirely new level. Eight safari tents (sleeping four) with en-suite bathrooms provide comfortable Zambezi homes. Guests have the option of cooking up a storm in their fully equipped kitchens, having a bite to eat at the camp’s restaurant or picking up a braai pack for a hearty barbeque. Days are spent lounging along the water, be it river or pool, with birdsong and the soft song of the Zambezi to keep you company. Hop aboard a boat trip to explore the Zambezi, try your luck at luring the elusive Tiger Fish and savour the colours of a rich red sunset over the calm surface of the water. When night falls, the stars put on one of the finest shows on the planet, and Zambezi peace wafts through the camp like a fresh and rejuvenating breeze.

19h00 - Enjoy dinner together as a group.

O/N Zambezi Mubala Camp
- Tents + Campsites
- Dinner and Breakfast basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge.

Today is at leisure to relax or you can book and participate in some of the main lodges activities, this is optional and additional cost.
16h45 - Meet for your cruise departure.

17h00-18h30 – This afternoon we will enjoy a sunset cruise on the Zambezi with refreshments included. (non-private as other hotel guests can join if booked, depending on final numbers more than one boat may be used so group might be split)

When night falls, we will have our group dinner together while the stars put on one of the finest shows on the planet and the Zambezi peace wafts through the camp like a fresh and rejuvenating breeze.

Remember your Mosquito repellent, we are eating under the stars tonight.

19h00 - Enjoy dinner together as a group at your private Group table as set up under the stars at the Camping2Go area.

O/N Zambezi Mubala Camp
- Tents + Campsites
- Dinner and Breakfast basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge and check out at 10h00.
Today we will drive to Chobe River Camp, this is only a 1h30 hour drive.

Once checked in you can relax or book some of the optional activities, at an additional cost, that can only be booked directly at the lodge: Canadian Canoes, Visit to the Traditional Mali Village, guided walking safari, Birding drive or take part in one of the boat cruises, this is all an additional cost and for your own account.

Chobe River Camp
Gaze over the flood plains and enjoy luxurious solitude on the banks of the Chobe River. Assuring extraordinary experiences, we offer 20 charming tented chalets. The lodge was inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape and all chalets have been constructed using indigenous Mopane timber and canvas. This offers not only a stunning sight, but an environmentally conscious design.
Expect a unique and wondrous experience when visiting the Camp. This region is Namibia’s very own version of the Serengeti and offers a rare experience. With a bit of luck you can see large herds of elephants, buffalo and antelope. Activities may be seasonal, but will always amaze and intrigue our guests. Chobe River Camp is a wildlife and birder’s dream and is the ideal place to break away, just across the river from the world renowned Chobe Nature Reserve, home to one of the largest concentrations of elephant on the African continent. The Camp is also the ideal place for day trips to Victoria Falls, located only 150km away.

19h00 - Enjoy dinner together as a group for the last time!

O/N Chobe River Camp
- Tents + Campsites
- Dinner and Breakfast basis (meals booked for campers as well)


Enjoy breakfast at your Lodge.

Guests would say their goodbyes and will check out and depart, each on their own homebound Journey.

Drive safe! We hope you have enjoyed this adventure!


Most clients have booked their own enroute accommodation for their homebound journey to South Africa.



Our next tour is planned for 09 to 22 May 2025.


Please enquire.


  • All accommodation in either Standard Rooms OR camping fees for Campsites, depending on your choice.
  • Meals included: 13 Breakfasts and 12 Dinners
  • Live the Journey Tour-leaders and team will prepare and provide Dinner & Breakfast for the group, for the 2 x nights camping in Khaudum National Park
  • 1 x Sundowner Drive (Fish River Lodge)
  • 1 x afternoon Sunset cruise (Shametu Lodge)
  • 1 x afternoon sunset cruises (Zambezi Mubala)
  • Live the Journey tour leader in own vehicle


  • Transport/Vehicle and fuel for the duration of the trip (this is a Self-drive 4x4 tour)
  • Dinners on day 1 @ op My Stoep
  • All Lunches
  • All Drinks during meals
  • All Camping gear when on the Camping Option 2 as well as Camping gear for Option 1 as the 2 nights camping in the Khaudum Park is compulsory – no lodge option here
  • Travel and Medical insurance that includes an airlift
  • Activities and excursions that are listed as optional in the itinerary
  • All Park Fees
  • All other sightseeing
  • Driver, guide and local escort gratuities / tips
  • Telephone bill, laundry and any items of a personal nature
  • Any Health requirements, Vaccinations or Medicine to enter Namibia and Botswana if you are doing the Impalila Island post trip.
  • Malaria precautions medicine etc.
  • Optional accommodation before and after the tour.


This route is suitable for 4x4 vehicles only. You may tow an off-road 4x4 trailer, however it is at own risk.

This is an adventure – be prepared!

ALL GUEST, LODGE OR CAMPING OPTION, WILL CAMP FOR 2 NIGHTS AT KHAUDUM NATIONAL PARK. (There is no Lodging option here.) Please note that there is NO electricity at the campsite, but there are basic limited ablution facilities.

Make sure you pack all your own camping equipment, from the tent to bedding and chairs. We will prepare breakfast & dinners for the group while camping in Khaudum, but you will have to arrange your own Lunches. Make sure you have packed your own cutlery, plates, knifes & forks, cups/glasses.

Some of the campsite off the beaten track and have no facilities nor electricity. Make sure you pack everything, and you can operate on your own without electricity points and without ablution facilities. So, make sure you have your own Shower and toilet facilities when needed. You need to stock up before you enter into these areas on fuel, food, water for drinking and washing, wood etc.

Some of the campsites on the main routes have ablution, but not the off the beaten track campsites, not all have electricity. Those who offer lights and warm water are powered by solar panels or generators or a donkey system. Warm water is not always available, depending on the sun and the time of the day. Lights might be on for an hour or two only in the evening. Pack enough rechargeable battery operated, sun panel or gas lights. It is advisable to have a 4x4 camping fridge that can operate without electricity to keep your meat cool.

Some campsites or areas are without WI-FI or cell phone reception.

If you self-drive it is advisable to get the Tracks for Africa program on your GPS.

Driving distances and times are only estimated as provided by Google Maps. If your vehicle can drive a minimum of 700 km on a tank of petrol / diesel you do not have to make provision for extra fuel, if not, extra fuel will be required.

A grass net for your vehicle might be a suggestion as the grass in the middle of the sandroads may be high when driving in the Khaudum.

Extra water is always good however this is optional.


Erica Van Schalkwyk

"Dankie vir nuwe vrienskappe met fantastiese mense en ’n wonderlike toer ervaring! Ons sien uit om ons sente te spaar vir die volgende Live the Journey toer!"

Francois Malan

"Hierdie LTJ reis het wonderlike herinneringe geskep. Die mense, die unieke plekke wat ons besoek het en die 4 x 4 deur die dik sand van die Khaudum en die sunset cruises op die groot riviere was ’n hoogtepunt. Dit was ’n voorreg om so ’n ervaring te deel met my geliefdes. Voorwaarts! Tot ons weer die pad vat!"

Rene Human

"Hierdie was vir ons ’n vonkel toer gewees. Net die beste in vriende, net die beste in samewerking en omgee vir mekaar. Die heerlike humor en saamlag, puik verblyf en etes. Van die Live the Journey toerleiers, jul het ons harte aangeraak met jul vriendskap en ’n uitstekende toer aangebied met soveel interessanthede. Ons is verryk!"


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