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Boundless Mongolia

  • Orkhon Valley and the Orkhon Waterfall
  • Historic Ulaanbaatar
  • Yolyn Am (Lammergeier Valley)
  • Flaming cliffs of the Gobi Desert


Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Desert, the Steppe, the Lakes

Mongolia … an amazing experience awaits you. It is a unique and relatively unexplored travel destination that offers vast emptiness that links land and sky. Mongolia is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. It is a land of contrasts with scenes of desert, the wide-open steppe, and beautiful freshwater lakes. The country has the lowest population density in the world.

The majestic and vast emptiness has an appeal that lures travellers to explore and discover this destination, which is also referred to as the “Land of Blue Skies”. It is set to have 250 sunny days each year. The winters are very cold with temperatures dropping to -40ºC.

One of the world’s greatest deserts is the Gobi. It covers large parts of southern Mongolia. Compared to the Sahara and Namib the Gobi has lesser sand dunes, rather large, desolated areas with gravel plains and rocky ridges.

Mongolia is also a country with an old and rich history. During the 1200’s their most famous leader Genghis Khan had a great influence on world history and the Mongol Empire. His grandson was the founder of modern China.

This adventure will be a self-drive 4 x 4 tour. We will follow off-the-beaten tracks and visit the most beautiful places the country has to offer. Don’t miss out as this will be a WOW experience that will stay with your forever. There is also limited space available in our tour leader vehicle for clients that do not want to drive.

There is also limited space available in our tour leader vehicle for clients that do not want to drive.


Day 0: Depart

Depart from South Africa on a flight to Mongolia. The flight route will be determined at time of booking according to the best available options for the group.


Group arrives in Ulaanbaatar. Welcome to Mongolia!
Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. The transfer will be conducted in unique Russian mini vans. Check-in, there will be time to quickly refresh before our first official dinner as group.

20:30 Welcome dinner at Modern Nomads Restaurant

O/N Novotel hotel (dinner) – en suite rooms


Breakfast and then depart on a city tour. Our first stop will be the famous Chinggis Khaan Statue. It is about 54 kms from the city centre on the bank of the Tuul River. This 40-meter-high stainless-steel statue is one of the largest in the world. You can use an elevator or stairs to reach the head of the horse from where you will have a panoramic view of the landscape.

Return to the city for a visit to Chinggis Khaan History Museum.

The Chinggis Khaan National Museum was established in 2019 on the Mongolian Plateau where the great khan was born. He was recognized as a man of the millennium, a founder of the modern world. This museum is one of the major developments of Mongolian culture, founded by a resolution of President U.Khurelsukh and funded by the Mongolian government.

Chinggis Khaan National Museum is equipped with modern standard technology. It has 6 floors of exhibition halls including the Chinggis Khaan Hall of Fame. The Chinggis Khaan National Museum has three main sections, including the ancient states before Chinggis Khaan, the Mongol Empire period, as well as the great Khaan’s descendants’ period. Over 90 percent of artifacts are original.

Lunch will be at a city restaurant. Dinner will be at leisure and for own account.

O/N Novotel hotel. (breakfast, lunch) – en suite rooms

Day 3: Ulaanbaatar to Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Breakfast and check-out. This morning there will be time to stock up on supplies. Load your luggage in your vehicle and attend a briefing on the day’s driving and road conditions.
The convoy will head out south towards Mandalgobi Province (middle Gobi).
The drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu will take between 5-6 hours, about 320 kms. It is a picturesque mountain at an elevation of 1,751 meters, in the Granite Belt of Mongolia. After lunch visit Sum Khukh Burd – the ruins of a stone temple of the 9th century.

O/N Baatar’s Special Camping (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Communal camp shower and toilet.

Day 4: Baga Gazriin Chuluu to Tsagaan-Suvraga

Breakfast and check-out. Today the road conditions will be fine, which will allow an average speed of about 50-60 km/h. We will stop en route and visit a real Mongolian nomad ger. Picnic lunch will be provided for the road. Driving time for the day will be about 4 hours.

O/N Gobi Caravan-Serai Ger Camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner)
Rooms with shared ablution.

Day 5: Tsagaan Suvraga – Yolyn AM

Today we visit Yolyn Am (Lammergeier Valley) a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan National Park. The valley is named after the Lammergeier, which is called Yol in Mongolian. The Lammergeier is an old-world vulture, hence the name often translated to Valley of the Vultures or Valley of the Eagles. Yolyn Am is found in the Zuun Saikhanii Nuruu (the Eastern Beauty) subrange of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains. The area, as part of the Gobi Desert, sees little precipitation. However, Yolyn Am is notable for a deep ice field. The ice field is several meters thick by the end of winter and is several kilometres long. In past years it remained year-round, but the modern ice field tends to disappear by July.
Enjoy a picnic lunch at the entrance to the national park. Afternoon, drive to the ger camp. Today you will spend 4 – 5 hours on the road.

O/N Gobi Nomad Lodge (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner)
En suite rooms.

Day 6: Yolyn Am – Khongoriin Els Singing Dunes

Breakfast and break-up camp.
The morning will be spent driving to the sand dunes called Khongoriin Els. The Khongoriin Els sand dunes lie north of the Baruunsaikhan Mountain in the northern part of the Sevrei and Zuulun Mountains. Khongoriin Els is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia and at some places 200 m high, 12 km wide and about 180 km long. The largest dunes are at the northwest corner of the range. You can climb to the top of the sand dunes. The views of the desert from the top are wonderful. Climbing to the top of the dunes during sunset gives an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding desert. To the north lies the Khongoriin River. Check-in at the lodge.

Time on the road to the sand dunes are about 5 hours.

O/N Gobi Erdene Lodge (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Cabin with shower and toilet.

Day 8: Bogd Mountains – Karakorum

Today we head towards Kharkhorum. This was the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, which was founded by Khubilai Khan, a grandson of Chinggis Khan. It served as capital for many years, unfortunately just a few traces are left of the old city. We visit Erdene Zuu Monastery to see monks chanting, before continuing the drive.
Driving time today is about 6 hours.

O/N Secret of Silk Road Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
En-suite Gers.

Day 7: Khongor sand – ancient rock painting, Uvorkhangai

After lunch we will head off to Bogd Mountain in Uvorkhangai Province. The journey will take us to untouched mountain valleys, where wild sheep and wild goats can be seen. We will see ancient rock paintings in the Bogd Mountain area.
Tonight you will make use of the ground tents in your vehicle for a wilderness camping night.
Driving time will be around 6-7 hours.

O/N Wilderness camping (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Ground tents with stretchers – shared camp shower and toilet.

Day 9: Karakorum – Orkhon River

Today we will spend most of the time driving through the Orkhon Valley and will visit Orkhon waterfall, the biggest waterfall in Mongolia. We will overnight at a eco camp in the valley, which many horses and nomads also call their home. Driving time on the road is about 3-4 hours.

O/N Blue Sky Eco Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Standard Gers with communal ablution.

Day 10: Orkhon River – Tsenkher hot spa

Today we will drive from the Orkhon River to the central Mongolian natural spa area - Thenkher hot spa. The drive will take us through mountains, green hills, valleys, and forests.

Tonight, will be our second night of wilderness camping, making use of the ground tent in your vehicle to set-up wilderness camp.

O/N Wilderness camping (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Ground tents with stretchers – shared camp shower and toilet.

Day 11: Tsenkher hot spa – Terkh White Lake

We continue our drive towards White Lake through a canyon and a volcanic crater. There will be some river crossings, beautiful rolling hills countryside at some stages and some mountain scenery all in one day. Towards the end of the day, we will stop at Chuluut River Canyon. Driving time today will be about 6-hours.

O/N MaikhanTolgoi Ger Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 12: White Lake – Shine Ider

Depart after breakfast.
It will be a full day of driving to reach Shine Ider in the Khuvsgul Province. Further north our route goes along the wooded slopes of the Khangai Mountain range … admire the picturesque landscapes. Enjoy a picnic lunch in these beautiful surrounds. Approximate driving time 4 – 5 hours.

O/N Ulzii-Khishigt Ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner)

Day 13: Shine Ider to Khovsgol Lake

Today will be a long day on the road. We need to cross two passes and lots of little rivers and ruts. Our early departure will be towards Murun a provincial town of Khuvsgol. This will be a refuel and re-supply stop. From there we drive on a paved road for 100 km towards Khuvsgol Lake – en route we visit the ancient Deer Stone monument. This lake is one of the gem lakes of northern Mongolia.
Enjoy a walk along the shores of the crystal-clear water of Lake Khovsgol.
Time on the road today, about 5 hours

O/N Alag Tsar Ger Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Standard Gers with communal ablution.

Day 14: Free day at the lake

Explore the area in own time.
After all the hard driving the last couple of days we enjoy some time at leisure.

Optional activities: hiking, visit reindeer herders, horse riding and boat ride on the lake.

O/N Alag Tsar Ger Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Standard Gers with communal ablution.

Day 15: Hubsgul – Uran Togoo

We start early with a drive around the lake and then head eastwards to Erdenebulgan. This will include several river crossings, muddy sections, Alpine meadows with trees and flowers in blossom. We will arrive in the afternoon at Erdenebulgan. Lunch on the banks of Egi River. After lunch, we head towards Uran Togoo Mountain. Approximate driving for today, 6 – 7 hours.

O/N Baaravan Hotel and Resort (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 16: Uran Togoo – Amarbayasgalant

Today’s highlights include a Buddhist temple, views over gently rolling hills and scattered nomadic gers throughout the valley.
After breakfast, we will start driving towards Amarbayasgalant Monastery, one of the most prominent monasteries of Mongolia built in the mid-17th century by Manchu’s in respect of Saint Zanabazar. The monastery was partly destroyed during the communist era and has been restored in the early 90’s. Today about 50 monks permanently stay in the monastery.
We will drive through Erdenet city, the 3rd largest city of Mongolia.
Driving time about 5 hours.

O/N Baatar’s Special Camping (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Communal camp shower and toilet.

Day 17: Amarbayasgalant – Ulaanbaatar

Early departure from Amarbasaglant for Ulaanbaatar to arrive in Ulaanbaatar around 16:00.
Check in at hotel and freshen-up.
Return vehicles.
18:00 Farewell dinner at Hazara Indian Restaurant.
Driving time today is about 5 hours.

O/N Novotel hotel (breakfast, dinner) – en suite rooms

Day 18: Departure

Breakfast and check-out.
At leisure until transfer to the airport.
Depart for South Africa via a connecting destination.



2024 Tour Dates:

  • 31 July 2024 – 19 August 2024 (FULLY BOOKED)


Based on a group of 10 guests:

Driver of vehicle: USD 7 680 per driver (approximate: R142 080)
Non-drivers: USD 6 300 per passenger (approximate: R116 550)

Single supplement fee: USD 620 (approximate: R11 470)

The Rand value is an indication of an exchange rate of R18.50 / US$1.00. At the time of booking the rate of exchange on the day will be used to convert the US$ to Rand.


  • Patrol Y-61 vehicles
  • Fuel per vehicle for the duration of the tour
  • Vehicles are equipped with ground tents and stretchers for wilderness camping nights.
  • 2 Support vehicle for the operational team
  • 2 x nights in wild camping in ground tents
  • 3 x nights in Novotel hotel
  • 10 x nights in ger camps on full board basis (some ger camps have en suite gers and
  • other camps have communal shared ablution)
  • 2 x nights in Baatara’s special camping
  • A mechanic,
  • A field chef and team of 3-4 people
  • English speaking guide for entire trip,
  • Toll fees,
  • Entrance fees for national parks,
  • Return airport transfers,
  • Camping equipment: folding chair, camp mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Daily 2 litres drinking water per person per day.
  • Car insurance in case of an accident,
  • Car refrigerator, sand plates, and 2 spare tires.
  • Car radios (Motorola)
  • One transfer by Russian 4WD vans


  • Alcoholic and soft drinks during trip,
  • Personal service fee at the hotels and ger camps,
  • Gratuities for crew,
  • International and domestic flights,
  • Airlift evacuation
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Medical, luggage and travel insurance
  • Any inoculations
  • Visa fee
  • International driver’s licence
  • Anything not specified under inclusions.

As a guideline, we would suggest you work on an estimate amount of R35 000 per person for return flights Johannesburg to Ulaanbaatar. Hong Kong has a long lay-over on the return journey. We will offer an optional day tour.

The vehicle rental company will require a refundable deposit of USD 1 000 per vehicle upon collection of your car in Ulaanbaatar. The deposit will be returned at the end of the trip after the vehicle is inspected.

Type of camping:
Wild camping with no formal facilities. Two-man ground tents, camping table, chairs, mattresses, sleeping bags, stretchers and pillows will be provided. “Bush camps” will be set-up in areas where there is no alternative accommodation. On this route we will explore the off-the-beaten areas of Mongolia where camping is the only accommodation option. The guide vehicle will have an equipped kitchen and temporary ablution will be erected for camp nights. The ablution will be share by the group members.

What is a Ger Camp?
In ancient times people in Mongolia made shelters from dry branches and animal skin. These are round structures. The first gers to resemble the modern-day design dates to 2500 – 3000 BC. The structure consists of two main elements: a wooden frame and the felt that covers it.

A Ger Camp is a type of resort where tourists stay in a ger instead of a hotel room. These camps are in beautiful locations. The gers (rooms) can sleep between 2 and 4 people. Ablution facilities are shared (like we have in our caravan parks). Separate facilities for males and females. These are about 50 – 100 m from the main sleeping area. They have restaurants that serve Mongolian traditional cuisine as well as European dishes. There is a selected numbers of nights where the group will stay in en suite gers, otherwise it will be shared ablution.

What is Baatar’s Special Camp
Our guide will put up his special camp. This is also in areas where no other options are available. The rooms will be mobile gers with proper beds. A shared dining area will be erected as well as communal ablution facilities.

It is a condition of booking that all travellers, including any accompanying dependents or companions, are covered by fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the duration of their trip. It is the responsibility of all travellers to purchase such travel insurance within 48 hours from making any payment towards a trip to ensure they are covered for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation, and curtailment. Live the Journey will not be held responsible should a guest need to cancel a tour and did not take out timely and adequate travel insurance


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