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Namaqua Flower Hike

  • Carry only your daypack as you hike the 'blooming' desert
  • Enjoy Namaqualand hospitality from our excellent support team
  • Fire-side dining under a canopy of stars each night
  • Hike in the Schaap River Canyon
  • Marvel at the unique geography, fauna and flora


Discover the beauty of slow living in South Africa's blooming desert!

Find your balance again and adopt the pace of this five-day, fully-catered slack-packing hike in Namaqualand. In partnership with Nigramoep Slowliving Guest farm, we are proud to present this hike into the heartland of Namaqualand.

Although it is called the Namaqua Flower Hike, you will soon realise that the area is so much more than just flowers. 

Your eyes and soul will feast on the beauty of the Schaap River Canyon that stands witness to millenniums of geographical changes, unique plants and flowers, that has to be tough enough to survive and yet bestow this area with their rare and delicate beauty, and nights full of stars – as seen by the early people that walked this land.

The expert knowledge of our local guides on the geography and fauna and flora, their deep love and respect for this part of Namaqualand where they were born and that they call home, and their stories about the cultural history and heritage of the area will make this hike an authentic experience.

True to the LIVE THE JOURNEY WAY, you can expect hearty hospitality from our support team, set against a backdrop of ancient, ocher-coloured valleys, mountains and canyons, accompanied by like-minded souls.

Carry only your daypack and come “home” to a tent pitched in the wild, a hot shower, excellent food and good wine. Also true to the LIVE THE JOURNEY WAY, we will only leave our footprints.

Take a break from the digital and techno world of every-day life and escape to a remote area as old as time.

Group size: 16 -20 hikers (tailor-made options available for private groups)
Duration: 5 nights, 6 days (of which day 1 is arrival and days 2 to 6 are hiking)
Distance: Approximately 65 km
Rating: The total elevation is about 850 m. The hiking surface differs from one-track donkey gravel roads to rocky areas where stability and good hiking shoes are required. Participants require a good level of fitness.



Arrival at Nigramoep from 14h00 onwards. We will meet and greet, and you can settle in. A briefing of the Namaqua Flower Hike will be held before you enjoy dinner.

O/N Nigramoep Guest House (sharing accommodation) (dinner, coffee, tea and a glass of wine, and good company included)


Breakfast will be served during which you will have to pack your lunch pack for the day. Our hike starts from the main guest area on a jeep track winding towards the old copper mine, framed with beautiful flora. Leading onto the pipeline road with breath-taking vistas of the Schaap River Canyon on the left and the escarpment of the Buffels River and the West Coast to the right. This is followed by a gradual downhill hike to Grace's Puts ending day 1 of the hike at Bakkrans.

O/N Wild camping – (enjoy country hospitality, a warm shower, hearty dinner with coffee and tea, and a glass of wine)


Enjoy breakfast. Pack your picnic lunch for later in the day. We start from Bakkrans on the open plains leading towards a goat herding outpost on the right, with a gradual uphill from there towards the old workings of the Spektakel Copper Mine to the left. Pop-in for beverages and Magda's famous cupcakes at the little Spektakel Pass cash store. Hiking from there with the Buffels River settlement on the right entering the Schaap River Canyon with Spektakel Mountain Pass in view. Our day ends at our bush camp at the canyon entrance.

O/N Wild camping – (enjoy a warm shower, a hearty dinner with coffee and tea, and a glass of wine)


A hearty breakfast awaits as well as goodies for you to pack your lunch box. We start from the canyon camping area entering the vastness and beauty of the Schaap River Canyon that winds between burnt orange rock faces and rock pools. Enjoy the amazing fauna and flora on the route. Our day ends at a wild camping site in the Schaap River Canyon.

O/N Wild camping – (enjoy a warm shower, a hearty dinner with coffee and tea, and a glass of wine)


Enjoy breakfast. By now packing your lunch pack will be second nature. We start from the overnight camping site, hiking further into the canyon. You will exit into a spectacular ravine, Myn se Kloof, at a steady uphill pace until we reach Wiese se Bakke Ravine with beautiful rock pools and amazing flora. Hiking up Wiese se Bakke is a 3-km incline to Leon's Outpost where refreshments will be served. Commence from there into the T'kau (Nama for rock) on a rocky jeep track ending at T'koutas bush camp.

O/N Wild camping – (enjoy a warm shower, a hearty dinner with coffee and tea, and a glass of wine)


Our last breakfast and packing of your picnic lunch. We start at T'koutas bush camp heading back on a rocky jeep track towards the main guest area where we started this extraordinary journey. Delight in the last glimpses of the beautiful vistas of Nigramoep and the West Coast as you descend towards the end of the Namaqua Flower Hike.



2022 Dates:

  • 22 – 27 August 2022 (Fully booked)
  • 29 Augustus – 03 September 2022
  • 19 – 24 September 2022 (Fully booked)


Price On Request


  • 1 night shared accommodation and bathroom facilities at Nigramoep Guest House
  • 4 nights wild camping with your own tent
  • Local guides and support team
  • Transport and logistics of your luggage and camping gear to the overnight camps. Please make sure to pack light and use a soft duffle bag.
  • All meals included – from arrival dinner at main guest house on day 1 to all breakfasts, lunch packs and scrumptious veld dinners with local specialties and spoils prepared by our local team on hiking days. Breakfast and a lunch pack on day 6 will be included, but all else after arriving at the main guest house on day 6 is for your own account.
  • You will pack your own lunch pack every morning. We will provide a variety of breads, cold meats, and snacks for you to choose from. Remember to bring your own lunch box with.
  • Coffee and tea with meals and limited wine at dinner every evening.
  • Drinking and shower water.
  • Showers and chemical toilets, set up each evening.
  • Camping chair.
  • Wood.
  • A digital detox.
  • Slow Living at its best.


  • Optional dinner, bed, and breakfast on day 6 at Nigramoep. Our hike ends upon return to Nigramoep Guest House on day 6. For those who wish to stay an additional night to further enjoy some slow-living, please let us know so that we can book an extra dinner, bed, and breakfast for you. This would be for your own account.
  • All pre and post travel to Nigramoep (travel by road, flights, accommodation).
  • Tent, stretcher, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Daypack and hiking gear like walking sticks, water bottles, lunch box container, first aid and blister kit, own medications.
  • Extra alcoholic drinks. We provide limited wine with your dinner.
  • Extra snacks – don’t bring too much. Previous hikers commented that they packed way too much.


The total elevation of this hike is about 850 m. The hiking surface differs from one-track donkey gravel roads to rocky areas where stability and good hiking shoes are required. Participants require a good level of fitness. An indemnity form must be completed by all hikers. Hikers will also be required to have emergency medical evacuation insurance.

Pack list
A complete list of what to pack will be provided after your booking is confirmed.
Hikers must bring: a day pack; walking sticks (if preferred); hiking gear; lunch box; water bottles for carrying water during the day; plasters and blister-care goodies; all items of a personal nature; tent (pop-up recommended) and bedding.

Your hike includes coffee and tea with meals, and a glass of wine each night with dinner. Hikers may bring their own alcoholic beverages to enjoy, however keep in mind that space is limited as everything must be transported. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks to nibble on in between meals, but there is ample food to pack every morning. Remember to bring your own lunch box container.

Pre-travel arrangements and accommodation
Hikers are responsible for their own pre-hike travel and accommodation arrangements. You are however, welcome to ask our consultants to assist with and to handle arrangements on your behalf.