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Our passion is to create magical tours, tailor-made packages and adventures to any global destination. Creating life-enriching experiences is not our job, it is the motto we live by.
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Featured Tours

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    Iconic Iceland and Northern Lights

    Discover Iceland’s icons on this 08-day winter tour - from powerful hot springs and geysers to fjords, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, black lava beaches and of course the aurora borealis or Northern Lights!

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    Exploring Sudan

    In October 2018 Live the Journey will travel to Sudan. This exclusive 10-day guided group tour is designed to make the most of Sudan's unknown kingdoms.

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    Mongolia Guided Self-drive Adventure

    Mongolia is a unique and relatively unexplored travel destination that offers vast spaces where land becomes sky. It is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a way of life. In August 2018 we will discover this seemingly endless land on a guided self-drive 4 x 4 adventure.

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    Uganda - The complete safari experience

    Uganda offers the complete safari experience and on this 11-day, guided group tour we include the Murchison Falls National Park where you will enjoy game drives and views of the falls, Kibale Forest in search of chimpanzees, game drives in the Queen Elizabeth National Park and a gorilla trek in Bwindi Forest.

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    Tanzania Migration Safari

    The annual movement of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores – the Great Migration – is one of the ultimate spectacles in the natural world. It is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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    Botswana Under Canvas

    Visit Botswana, a premier Southern African safari destination. This tour from 19 to 26 March 2018 includes Chobe and the Okavango Delta offering some of the best wildlife viewing on the planet.